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A revolutionary new way to keep your dog and cat ears their healthiest.  Clean Bluetm is the Ultimate in natural pet ear cleaning .  Clean Bluetm is made for dogs and cats whose owners want only the best in grooming products for their pets. Clean Bluetm is safe for most Dogs and Cats and Puppies and Kittens.


I have over 35 years experience with Basset Hounds, the breed most often linked with ear problems.  With experience in dog showing, breeding, grooming, and a vet assistant, I have had hands on experience on what works and what is best for your pet’s coats and ears and all over grooming. I show and breed Basset Hounds.

Having over 130 title holders to our credit, I can say that I have tried pretty much every dog ear cleaner on the market.  


                 Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Clearer:
Using Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner to keep those dogs and cats ears clean.  I have been asked for years how we do it with those long ears keeping them clean.  I have used Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner for years. Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner keeps dog and cats ears clean and dry. Never being plagued with ear problems everyone wanted to know my secret with keeping their ears clean. I made up my own solution and Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner has been so successful with my own dogs, my grooming business and recently helping out clients at the vet clinic where I work. I decided to start manufacturing Clean Bluetm  Extreme Ear Cleaner formula. 

Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner is a combination of products that not only keeps the ears clean and dry Clean Bluetm Ear Cleaner keeps dogs and cats ears from collecting yeast and bacteria.  Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner has the ability of keeping your pet from frequent visits to the vet clinic and costly ear exams and treatment.  What makes Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner so successful is that it keeps those moist warm ears from having a chance to produce yeast and bacteria.  

Witch Hazel - An anti-bacterial antiseptic drying agent. Not irritating or stinging, just cooling.
Purified Water - Contains no impurities .
Boric Acid Powder - An antiseptic with antifungal properties is not irritating or stinging.
Citric Acid - Vit. C, acidifies the ear canal so fungus and bacteria will not live.
Aloe Vera Gel - A soothing, moisturizing healing substance that will take down swelling and redness
Gentian Violet - An antifungal solution. I use double the recommended dose.
Fragrance - A Lavender mixture which after the Witch Hazel dissipates you are left with a soothing calming gentle smell. Also a good antiseptic in red irritated tissue.

Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner works..... That is the bottom line. It keeps ears dry.


Fill the ear canal and massage the ear way down the neck for 1 minute. Wipe out all the crud. You may have to use several applications.  If an infection is evident see your vet first, for the appropriate antibiotic or fungal medication.  Then keep the ears clean and dry with Clean Blue Extreme Ear Cleaner.  I don't recommend pouring it down the ear canal, but get the gauze down as far as you can go.

WARNING:  Some hairless breeds cats and dogs have highly sensitive skin and even thought the ingredients are all natural some of the ingredients could be irritating to these pets. Dogs and cats that are sensitive to any of the ingredients in this product do not use.

Other Uses For Clean Bluetm  Ear Cleaner

Since Clean Bluetm   Extreme Ear Cleaner is so good at controlling  yeast and bacteria in dog and cats we have used Clean Bluetm Ear Cleaner on other trouble spots on pets.  Pictured is a 13 year old Basset Hound with a very crusty patch in the folds under her neck with only one application of Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner and 24 hours you can see how wonderful Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner really works. With a vigorous rubbing we removed all the yeast build up on her red irritated skin using Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner. Your pet will have a redness after the scrubbing, but it will disappear after a few hours, and 24 hour later you can see the difference. With regular application of Clean Bluetm Extreme Ear Cleaner, the dog has been kept free of nasty yeast and bacteria in that very vulnerable area. It also works on armpits, in between toes and in the groin area. Where every warm moist area produces yeast and bacteria you can keep your dog and cat clean and comfortable with Clean Bluetm Ear Cleaner


                 Clean Bluetm  Bug Shield Insect repellant:

We infuse 8 natural herbal oils in purified water that can be sprayed on for a lasting wonderful scent that keeps all pests away.  Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flying pesky insects.  You will notice a natural barrier that keeps your pet free of biting harmful bugs.

Clean Bluetm Re-Pal  is a safe all natural insecticide/repellent for any human or animal because we use only natural ingredients.  Safe herbal blends that can be used safely on nursing puppies and kittens. Will not harm you, your children, most pets, your carpet, or your furniture. 100% money back guarantee!


With weekly use of Clean Bluetm Pet Products you can give your pet a happy healthier life.
 Clean Bluetm Pet Products are safe for most pets of all ages. Safe for the environment and cruelty free.
The ear cleaner will stain fabric,so be careful
where and how you use it.
                  It will clean off hard surfaces, and eventually fade from fabric.
Tips to removing stains:
  • It will rub off hard surfaces and skin with rubbing alcohol if used immediately
  • Spray stained fabric with aerosol hair Spray, then wash normally.
  • I have been told by a client that Zout pre soakworks also.


                            Clean Blue Bug Shield®                              Clean Blue Extreme Ear Cleaner®



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